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Re: Dragons Dogma

Finally got to play for an extended session today. It is interesting, to say the least!

I hired Li-Ion's pawn, and a sturdy fellow (level 34) he is too. I also hired another friend's level 24 mage, and I thought I'd basically be able to run around wreaking havoc. However, I don't know how the enemies are scaled, but it is still a real struggle - and there is definitely no rushing into fights all guns blazing - fights are tough. Even with the two lads above, gangs of bandits were kicking my ass, although that could be down to my lack of health.

I also created my own Pawn, a healing strider (ranged) who doesn't seem to heal. She was already borrowed out to someone and was returned in 5 mins (she has a distinctive name but no skills )

The game is intriguing. I've logged off, and don't know if the pawns return to their masters now, or wait until I fire them. Also I have no idea how to gift them stuff - I've given them some magic rings which are probably pathetic loot for their level but I don't know if they take back all their loot etc.

Also, I feel like I should be using other people's low-level pawns at this stage - after several hours I didn't even manage to get the two senior pawns to level up.

What is the deal with levelling up? Can I distribute XP, skills etc?

Also, the game provides no guidance on anything, really. You're on your own and it's fun to work things out, though I could have done with a shorter night-cycle. You can see nothing at night, and are generally stuck out in the wilds where monsters await.

Anyway, must go and watch Holland being beaten in the Euros
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