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Re: What are you playing right now?

The only Daedric artifact quests I've done are the ones that didn't require me to kill people. Apart from a few minor connections to the thieves guild, and a couple extremely bloody nights after becoming a werewolf, my character has been mostly good.

My original plan was to play as a pacifist and avoid killing people as much as possible. It turns out the game really wasn't designed with pacifism in mind. Still, in the first 50 hours I had only killed 5 people (one of whom was pretending to be a ghost, so I don't feel too guilty about him). Not bad for a game in which half the world's population immediately drops everything they're doing to try to kill you as soon as they see you.

My morals have numbed considerably since then, but not so much that I'm willing to commit murder for the various demon gods. I'm still trying to keep the body count relatively low. The civil war and werewolf story-lines have given me pretty good excuses to explore the bloodier sides of the game, though.

I'm pretty sure it's impossible to earn the Daedric artifact achievement without playing as an evil character (or at least, a very unscrupulous one). I'm toying with the idea of creating a much less moral character for that very reason. I'd like to explore the dark brotherhood quest-lines as well.

Also, I fudged the numbers a bit before when I said I'd just hit the 200 hour point. I'm actually up to 220 hours as of last night, which is an embarrassingly high number. I'm glad to see someone else is in the same boat though.

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