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Rate my review: El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron

"Heavenly story and gameplay, but hellish to Platinum"

High:Hate to say it but graphics set it apart more than anything.

Low:almost pure button mashing on normal or below difficulty.

WTF:The Watcher fights that can completely throw off a G rank if you slip up just once.

Summary:You are Enoch and are sent to seal up fallen angels that are corrupting the world.

First of all know that I have platinumed this game and am reviewing it on the grounds of a normal playthrough basis such as story, gameplay, graphics, and ect. And a second score for ease of trophies and getting 100% on it. In this games case I'm also putting in a score based on the hard mode and up because of how it changes the gameplay.

Graphics: Let's go ahead and get the perfect score for graphics, because even if you hate them you can't deny they're original and gorgeous.The landscapes are vivid and diverse.10/10

Gameplay: Finally a platforming game that actually has ample platforming. Only issue here is that the camera can make it difficult to determine distance on some jumps.Loved the premise of stealing weapons as well as the purifying.I loved how each weapon had a distinct feeling to it, and had many uses. I feel there could have been more hidden items though. Also feel that the Veil's ability to break certain obstacles could/should have been used more. 9/10

Combat: I'll admit if not for Hard and Extra modes I would have scored this very low and almost written off as button masher. So, even though it was still enjoyable it gets a 7/10.
HOWEVER after playing thru Hard and Extra modes I found quite a bit of depth. Everything from planning what weapon I had so as to make certain enemies spawn, actually keeping a fresh weapon for the damage boost, and finding what attacks can stun and are most effective when faced with a weapon I was weak to. I give it a 9/10

Story: at times it seems to jump around but overall it is enjoyable. I loved it and would like to see a sequel.I do feel there were things that could have been explored further. Would like to see more of what happened afterward involving Ishtar. Would have liked more back story on her and the Freeman as well. 9/10

Music: not much that was memorable, but it went with the stages and was a good mix overall. 9/10

Overall I say 9/10

Now as far as 100% goes: whew it is brutal. Getting most of the trophies (like 95%) are easy. It's the Conquerer trophy that requires a G rank on all chapters on hard that is killer. Pretty much requires a perfect play through in addition to knowing where all special objects are. I will say that it is something to be proud of if you can do it. Difficulty rating 9.5/10

Disclosures: This game was obtained via Gamestop and reviewed on the Playstation 3. Approximately 27 hours of play was devoted to single-player modes (completed 3 times and achieved the platinum trophy)

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