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Re: What are you playing right now?

Bought the current IndieRoyale indie bundle, as I liked the sound of Dead Pixels. It's great, very addictive. 8-bit style retro graphics, which seems to be a popular theme for indie games (I suppose for many obvious reasons), but they're not unattractive. Everything looks big, chunky, and functional.

Gameplay-wise, I could sum up the game as generally running right, avoiding and/ or shooting zombies in the face, but that would be doing it a major disservice. It's actually a pretty deep game- many of the shops, houses, etc aren't boarded up and you can loot them, which you can sell to the occasional shop you come across. However, you must take into account how much weight you can carry, and what is important enough that you want to keep hold of (maybe a good weapon, or something valuable you can eventually sell). I'm playing on the "hardest" difficulty level, and it really is a fight for survival- albeit, in a very arcadey, retro zombie apocalypse.

Love it. In many ways, the game Dead Rising would have been if it were made twenty years ago.

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