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Re: Torchlight

Originally Posted by JLB1987 View Post
[...] (clicking on enemies to kill them) sounds overly simplistic for me. Or is there much more to it than that?
You could use this description for at least 60% of games on the market right now, including the big blockbuster AAA releases

I am curious about the sequel but I felt while playing Diablo 3 (the couple of hours I could actually play, thanks to moronic always-on-drm - btw: avoid Diablo 3 like the plague right now, it's simply unplayable at this stage) that I donīt get the same enjoyment out of ARPG that I got when I was younger. Itīs a game of growing numbers, essentially. You grow in levels. Your damage grows exponentially. Your enemies grow in size and damage they can deal. Everything becomes supercharged after a while and what killed you with 2 hits after 2 hours playing falls over when you just look at it funny just 2 hours later. Any notion of realism or authenticity gets fired out of the window by the time you shoot 20 arrows at once or turn into the avatar of some pagan deity for 20 seconds (with 120 seconds cooldown).
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