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Re: Diablo 3

I'm done with nightmare. My barbarian Arya smashed Diablo into the abyss again.

I finally found out that I can set a buyout-limit and within minutes I had way better equipment and suddenly tricky enemies became laughably easy.

All in all the game was much more interesting on nightmare than on normal difficulty, but the gear-issue remains. It's apparently part of the game that one should grind a bit until better items drop. With those new items the same area that caused curses and shouts suddenly becomes incredibly easy.

The grind can be circumvented via some bargains in the auction house. But an odd level-restriction remains: I now beat Diablo on nightmare difficulty with relative ease. However, I am not allowed to get to hell difficulty because I'm not level 50 yet. I just imagine Dark Souls would tell me I can't start NG+ unless I farm for 3 more hours. It is baffling how bad the balancing of Diablo 3 is, considering how long it took them to create this game. Especially compared to the Souls-games, which walk the fine line between difficult and frustrating so gracefully. Diablo 3 is most of the times really easy, until it get's to a point where it suddenly is rock-hard and unfair towards the player. There is never a warning. You walk into a room and suddenly death has harvesting season.

Diablo 3 gives and Diablo 3 takes away. It gives flexibility in terms of builds. Some complain there are no real 'builds' but I think that's a strength of Diablo's new design. I like being able to try out every new skill without having to level a new character or spend gold to reset skillpoints. I like the focus on 6 active skills, unlike MMO where my character usually has 6 hotbars full with stuff I barely need but just in case it's there anyway. I like that most skills are fun to use and not just filler so that every class has enough stuff to put in the action bar.

It also takes away so many elements that were already in D2, Titan Quest or Torchlight. I don't like having to run back to the vendor to sell the rubbish in my inventory. I don't like the extreme randomness of it all. Epic items in D2 were a bit random, but when you got a unique crossbow you usually knew what you get. In D3 everything is random, the color just signifies how many random stats can be on there. Way too many items I found have nonsensical stat-combinations. I don't like random packs of champions with skill-combinations which make them pretty near invincible for certain classes.

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