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Re: Diablo 3

Since you're showing off your character, I'm pasting mine (yes, I'm playing it in French).

The dialogue and story is so cliche and stupid that I just couldn't take it and change it to French - to give a sense of freshness to the voices.

I'm quite hooked but really don't have the time to play a game like this. The auction house lately is filled with the same super high level super expensive items and I can't find anything that suits me. Really, I don't care. I never think about becoming a super powerful warrior in these type of games. I like to survive with the stuff I find.

But I don't need anything rare because the game is unbelievably easy on normal difficulty. I barely use any spirit attacks. Left clicking is, most of the times, enough to step on the avalanches of enemies.

It was nice to play with you, Li-on, even if just for 50 minutes or something.
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