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Re: PODCAST SUGGESTION- Games for 'Adults'

I think Jenova Chen is correct in that most games are about as stimulating as boiling ramen. The apologist in me now immediately says that's the same for a lot of TV series, like my current guilty pleasure Torchwood, which is about as cerebral as eating cereals. But the apologist in me gets immediately a slap in the face for this statement, since there are plenty of TV series nowadays that are covering adult themes without being camp or giggling immature. So how come we don't have this for games?

There are only very few games that made me think in recent years. Only few presented a tangible moral dilemma that was worth considering before making a decision. Decisions in video games are too often horribly binary. Either be Pol Pot or Albert Schweitzer (I'm tired of the Hitler/Mother Teresa analogy).

Games where decisions are made in a 'realistic' (or at least authentic) society are very rare. Witcher 2 springs to mind, for all its faults I found it depicts hard choices very well. In real life you don't always have all the informations at hand when making a decision and there is no clear paragon/renegade good/evil-Option you get points for. I haven't played it yet but I read that I am Alive also tackles adult subjects without being ashamed or preachy.

There should be space for both: the equivalent of popcorn-cinema and arthouse films. It's just that we are so used to the fact that games are 'for kids', that still many players of games (and especially people who do not play themselves) frown upon games daring to be adult. Hence such a massive amount of light popcorn-entertainment. Just a matter of time I assume. Looks like even people at Ubisoft realize that, like Jade Raymond.
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