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Re: Supreme Commander 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

the best thing i've come across and not a single person has mentioned this, is the MASS CONVERTER, this makes resources inexhaustable,

additionally the best strategy ive come up with is to play illumate, max defence as smart as possible with overlaping sheild generators
(best defence strat i find is to use weedaboths and land point defences) then all you need is a loyalty gun, having 2 or more of these means you cannot be beaten with excepetion to air assualts buts thats why we focused on defence.

the loyalty gun despite unit cap will still convert anything on land including enemy buildings( except acu's) meaning if an enemy thinks massing .e.g. king kriptors to steamroll your base they are sadly mistaken when i use them all against you
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