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Re: What are you playing right now?

I am weak. I bought Diablo 3. I am ashamed of my need to click on things until they are dead. It started with a "friend" sending me a key to the trial version (as much as someone can be a friend who gives you some crack to try...). Giving it a spin with the Barbarian it just clicked and the 'old' Diablo-feeling was back. Overwhelmed by nostalgia I upgraded to the full version, just to see this for most of Sunday:

After all my doubts about always-on-drm I buy that stupid game and then I can't play it because the servers are down almost the entire Sunday for maintenance.

I went out, it was a sunny day after all, and had a walk in the park. While I was soaking up some sunlight I reflected on the need to be online, meaning of life and how magnets work. Coming home some hours later the servers were still down. But I didn't care. I took out Mage Knight the Boardgame, which looks something like that:

The best of all: I didn't encounter the number 37. It takes my favourite bits of games like civilization and makes a whole game around it: exploration of uncharted lands, getting some armies and beating up barbarians/orcs.
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