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Re: Mount & Blade

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
So... once I'd grab a fief I could recruit nobles anyway? Thus at the point I am now that wouldn't be much of a restriction anymore
Well, yes....but you'd be roleplaying a Spartacus type, so you wouldn't recruit any of those decadent noble troops, right?

Do the npc factions wipe out each other, or will a faction always remain at it's last town or castle until the player kicks in?

I'm asking because the Khanate is at constant warfare with all it's neighbours and still manages to hold on to it's last town.
I don't know, to be honest. They wouldn't be able to wipe each other out in the original game without your help, but they're a lot more agressive in Warband. Swadia is down to one city too in my game.

The AI will now put a priority on the Khergs reclaiming their traditional lands, whether this aggressiveness will result in their downfall, I don't know.

The way you wipe out a faction, is as well as taking all their fiefs, you then have to hunt down all the lord parties on the map - it's only when they don't have a home fief to respawn in that they disappear from the game (for a while).
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