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Re: Rate this Review : Legend of Grimrock

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
Not very challenging, motion sickness, 'decent' = an 8?


It's fine to support it as an indie title with some shortcomings, but maybe you could expand on what it is that makes this game uniquely different from other dungeon crawlers? Or what you really liked about it?
ah yes. I guess for my first review I did not want to sound to personal. Alot of the liking the game was most likely due to nostalgia. Often remakes of old games turn out horribly. The level of detail that went into creating some of the puzzles and level designs was quite something. What I really enjoyed was the constant desire to go further, to get passed the puzzle and continue down to my freedom.

Motion sickness might just be me, and as a challege I was only playing on normal difficulty level. Higher levels make creatures alot more stronger which does add a certain excitment to combat.

Like I said to my one friend " for $15 one can do lot worse"
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