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Re: Mount & Blade

Oh I'm pretty sure I'd reach my limit the second I'd put the damage to my character to full

Since it happens occasionally that I get caught out of position by some mean knight with a lance and a good hit with a lance does crazy damage.

The focus of the game also changed a bit to politics and faction struggles. I don't want to wage war at more than 1 front, since I only have very few lords. If I'd take more lords I'd have to deal with them being unhappy quite quickly as soon as I hand out fiefs. Compared to the other kingdoms around I have a extremely low amount of vassals and therefore troops. I now cover what is pretty much the starting area of the Khergit Khanate and divided it among just 4 lords and myself. The Khanate now has only 1 castle, 1 town and the respective villages left and has double the amount of Noyans.

My role-playing was so far being a "champion of the common people". No looting of villages (I let Clais attack one village to lure out armies, but that was just a ruse), no raiding of caravans and no killing of innocents. When asked about the ideas I have about ruling the kindom, I also make the point for the same rights for commoners. Hence my army has a lot of Sword Sisters (coming from humble peasant roots) and Mercenaries (originally being farmers) make up quite a big part of my garrisons.

If it would be an option I'd not have nobles altogether, but until now they're a necessary evil in my socialist utopia
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