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Re: What company do you feel needs to have the best show at E3?

You'll pit the 'anonymous' voices against those of Ubisoft, THQ, Gearbox, and EA? Oh, and Mark Rein and Cliff Blizenski have had words to say.

You'll also have to note that all anyone has seen are dev kits, of which there are several versions of as they nail down specifics. These 'developers' that are quoted fail to mention which version they had an opportunity to play with.

I'm going to stick with 'maybe, wait and see'.

There are plenty of other reasons to not find the WiiU appealing. Lack of a unified account that can be transferred from one console to another. Lack of meaningful internal storage. Poor sound capabilities. Slow USB connections. Still unable to play a music cd or a dvd (though rumor has it that it contains a bluray drive), only one controller pad at a time...
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