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Re: Sports Games

What a startling statement! I've kind of hinted above that I think sports games are the evolutionary pinnacle of gaming (the yearly cycle allows them to iterate towards perfection, the game 'rules' are often more complex than any normal game, and the AI is incredible in a lot of cases) so I am stunned!

It's true that a lot of gamers eat up the yearly roster updates, but all those people are playing the game too. It's possible that they can serve as a 'gateway drug' to traditional gaming as well, though I'm reminded of a friend of mine who has a PS3 and precisely one game - Fifa 10 - on his games list.

That's how I got into gaming again - a Wii, then Tiger Woods (to this day, the only worthwhile application of motion controls), then moving on to an Xbox and Oblivion and GTAIV.
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