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Re: Rate My Review: To The Moon

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Hello FZero, welcome to the forum.

I like your review a lot, it's succinct and gets most of the game concepts across. I actually can't tell if getting the concepts across is 100% successful, as I played and loved the game myself, but it seems fairly complete.

The only areas I would say could be tweaked a little are:

The opening and closing paragraphs are a little bit cheesy; I don't have a huge issue with them but they wouldn't be to my personal taste - I would take a slightly more objective view. You can dismiss this argument if you want - I'm not totally convinced of it myself!

You don't mention anywhere the game changes lets itself down - for example the very out-of-place (for me anyway) sequence where you're chasing around the school near the end - or any negative aspects really. Maybe there are no negative aspects?

Finally you mention the game being nothing but story a couple of times, but don't elaborate. Does the game suffer because of this?

Again, feel free to ignore all these points!

As an aside, not review-related, I enjoyed the banter between the characters. Sure, it was massively annoying at the start, but I think it fed into making the whole thing more realistic and made it all more powerful in the end. Life is like that, y'know, and it was quite refreshing to have Dr Neil being an annoying twat even in the most serious situations
Thanks for both the welcome and feedback! I've been reading GameCritics for some time now and I enjoy the articles here.

The opening and ending are both very cheesy, I agree. I thought it was fitting since the game itself can be a bit cheesy at times but I can definitely see your point. For now I'll leave it as is unless more people find it to be a bit too much.

And you're right, I didn't mention much on the game changes. Primarily that's because I wanted to avoid as many spoilers as possible (though I'll edit to refer to a "that sequence" later down the line. I thought it was a bit much as well). Otherwise there's not much game here to critique which is what I was trying to get across. It's hard to rate a visual novel on gameplay for example due to the nature of the genre.

Finally, I'll expand on that point a bit. I'm a bit mixed overall (considering it boils down to "what truly constitutes a game?" which is still a huge subject that's not very well defined) but I'll try.

The banter was annoying at the start but I grew to like after about halfway through the game since they started playing off each-other really well.
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