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Re: Mount & Blade

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Freelancer, eh? So you actually control a small warband, separate to your Lord's army?
No, you are part of his army. So you're not walking across the world map yourself. Wherever it goes, why and when is just up to the respective Lord. You also get the equipment provided by your Lord according to rank. As a recruit it's just some ragged armor and a bent spear, as warrior some chainmail and an axe and so on. When you leave the service of your Lord equipment is taken away again. Also, while you're with the lord no upkeep is paid for your own warband. It's not as drastic as being a mercenary in native, since the negative reputation with each faction is restored to neutral level as soon as the service is over and it's no problem to leave.

How are you paying for them? You must own every brewery in Calradia by now?
Currently I get about 10k per week, due to various businesses and rents from my city and villages. That's 10k per week after paying for my armies upkeep.
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