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I've been playing this game for 4-5 months. I've won the Grand Slam at hardest level.

I agree with the person who said that their opponent who cheats is able to stop them from playing their shot just long enough for them( opponent) to hit a winner. I have experienced my opponent being able to make my player swing when I did not swing, move my racquet when I did not move my racquet, and completely slow down my serve and the play speed of the game, stop my player from moving at all. I mean I just stand there and no matter what I do my player does not move for about two to three seconds. Long enough for my opponent to win the point. I think this is all Nintendos fault not necessarily EA Sports. Maybe that is why Nintendo did not get a contract for GST 2.
I love this game very much but people do cheat and it takes away from the enjoyment. I don't even want to play it now. I wonder if the owners of XBox and PS3 have this problem with GST2. We just have to keep reporting them to Nintendo as cheaters in the messenger part of the online for Wii and hope that enough people are reporting so Nintendo or EA Sports will do something about it.
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