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Re: Mount & Blade

I now have two cities and three castles, along with half a dozen villages. After I seized the third castle and second city the Khanate didn't even attemt to take it back. Since they are constantly under attack by either the Swadians or Rhodok they seem to have their hands full with holding the little they still have left (one city, two castles and four villages).

I am now pondering if I should start another war against the Khanate. However, I quite like them being a buffer state between me and the warcrazy Swadians (seriously: they are constantly at war, often enough with 2 kingdoms at a time) and Rhodoks. Also, my policy of leaving captured commanders often go free meant many of the Khergit commanders are now considered my friends, hence they are unlikely to attack me, compared to everyone else (except Vaegir, with whom I also have surprisingly good relations and who are at constant warfare with either the Nords or Swadians).

I don't have a border with the Nords (which also are at war with Swadia all the time), Rhodoks (usually at war with Sarranids or Swadians) and the Swadians (at war at all times with everyone who looks at them funny). That leaves the Sarranid as my natural next target. The town of Narra lies so nice and close, cut off from the rest of the sultanate, apart from a castle nearby...
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Trying to achieve a happy balance now - cavalry are great in the field, but won't take or hold a castle. I may just pound on the Vaegirs some more to get my troop complement over one hundred, and maybe open another Dyeworks for the lulz.
I opened mainly breweries. I have a brewery in every second city by now. My army is usually a mix of 1/3 of each: cavalry, infantry, archers. Once I figured out how commanding works my usual tactic is (after commanding everyone to stop immediately):
* Infantry shall stand it's ground
* Archers shall fire at will
* Cavalry follow me to a nearby hill (or at least a bit to the side)
I let the enemy come in range of the archers and order my cavalry to charge from the side, while my infantry holds the first charge. Then my infantry charges and after some smashing and cutting my cavalry runs over enemy archers (if necessary).

For sieges I pack my best infantry (Nord huscarls, Vaegir guards, everything else with a 'Nord' in the name) and cavalry with heavy armor in front (Swadian knights, sword sisters) and lots of archers and Rhodok crossbowmen in the back.

For bandit hunting I run around with cavalry only. The bandits usually lack the numbers, gear and anything else to be a threat.

Something else I noticed is that two of my Lords have a negative 'relationship to Liege'. What does this say and at what value do I have to get worried?
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