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Mass Effect - the Legacy

Nope, not a piece of DLC, though I'm sure there's plenty coming. Now that we've all finished Mass Effect 3, I was just wondering what people thought of the trilogy as a whole?

I guess it was a brave move by Bioware, introducing us to a sci fi, squad based RPG/shooter, and personally I enjoyed the trip. do you think we'll see more of this? Would you play another trilogy set in the ME universe?

What about the series as a whole, now that the hype has calmed down a bit? Sure, there were some horrible bits, from the Mako to the Terminator Reaper to the Starchild, but did the good outweigh the bad?

What about DLC, and did it impact the game for good or for bad? I didn't buy any DLC and didn't feel that I missed out, though I could see people being annoyed at missing out/paying extra.

I think in the end it started to bore me a little - do some missions, back to the citadel, check all locations there, back to the ship, talk methodically to all crew members in turn, scan some planets, repeat - and a lot of the big emotional moments fell flat in 3, I thought, but overall I thought it was a hugely impressive achievement by Bioware and was a wonderful ride.

Where does it fit in the gaming pantheon then? Right up there, or middle of the road? Important or not?
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