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Re: Mount & Blade

Im still playing, just about. I've taken three castles and lost them all again - my timing is bad, as the Vaegirs are usually between wars and turn up en masse to claim them back.

I now have up to ninety men, as a result of the latest tactic of recruiting Swadian knights and whaling on the Vaegir armies. Previously I was using primarily Nord infantry in a ground war.

This game is tough, but I'm still impressed after all these years - if they could bottle what makes Mount and Blade great and apply it to some other games, I'd be happy.

Trying to achieve a happy balance now - cavalry are great in the field, but won't take or hold a castle. I may just pound on the Vaegirs some more to get my troop complement over one hundred, and maybe open another Dyeworks for the lulz.
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