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Cool Re: Go Vacation Tips Achievements FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

Great Performance number 3. Okay, from the Yggdrasill Central Hotel where you start, if you look on the map you are the big, big circle. Face downwards on the map and you will see something like lots and lots of lines, well if you look closer there is a mini circle in the middle, head there. Just to say, that is La Vacanza Shopping Mall. When you get there, you should see a big fountain. Go behind it, (not the camera lady way, the other way), and there will be a ramp. Shoot up it and land on a building. There should be a red rail and two bridges where you are standing. Jump onto the red rail and jump off at the next building. Now all there should be on that roof is the red rail that you just came on and another red rail. Okay, the fountain is right under us, so get another speed boost and jump over the fountain to get the great performance. (Very hard. This will take a few tries).
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