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Smile Re: Go Vacation Tips Achievements FAQ Help Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

Okay, so I've just done the Mountain Resort Great Performances, now let's try the City Resort! Aright then, again these are most likely not in order. Okay, from where you start in this resort (again Information Centre) go into the Track and Soul Skate Park to the left of you. (If you are facing the counter with the clothes girl, information girl, and the school boy, it's left). Go right on through to the other side and stop when you get to the girl who holds the Wheel Slider activity. From facing towards her, turn left and go inside the Track and Soul Hotel. Go all the way through until you get to the other side. When you do get to the other side, go down some steps and you should end up at the red and blue grinding rails in Giant's Heel St. If you face towards the red and blue rails, turn around and you should see a green rail, a flashing orange rail and a red rail, grind up the flashing orange rail. Okay, you are now on the roof. Go straight ahead and you will come to a ramp, get a speed boost and jump off of the ramp, if you jump over the Track and Soul Skate Park sign, you will get the Great Performance!
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