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It's me AGAIN! So let's do the third great performance. This time, don't go to Trumelia station or Long Horn Ranch Station, go to the one we haven't been to, Otti Mcrae Station! When there, you should see a long row of houses, start from the first one and get onto a horse. Get a speed boost and use the ramp at the last house to jump over the house. But remember, when you use the ramp you CANNOT touch the house. If you do, you will not get the great performance.

OK now for the fourth great performance, from the information centre, jump into an Off-Road Car and drive to the castle. When you see the man with the helper sign turn left, there should be something like three open doors, one going left, the other going right and the last going forwards. Get a speed boost and shoot through the one going forward, you will land on a grass hill. Get another speed boost and jump onto the next grass hill. The S.S. Eleanor will pass by, get a speed boost and jump on top of it. Might take a few tries.
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