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Re: Mount & Blade

Aha! I can post from my PC again, awesome.

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
Hm... weird, where did my posting go?.
Strangely, I got a mail with your full post, but no sign of it here!

After some time I came back to my castle, to see Count Clais and his wife standing at my fire. He offered to be my vassal. I accepted and now his wife and daughter are safe in my keep, while one Khergit army after the other is trying to raid my village. I gave Clais (who was soon demoted to Lord) my so far only village as fief and he swore to protect it. Well, don't make promises you can't keep Lord Clais...
I think you'll have to give him more than a village to keep him happy.

The main problem is indeed getting the troop capacity. I pushed leadership (therefore charisma) as high as possible straight away. Still I struggle with the troop limit at all times.
Me too, and I had to stop with Charisma at 15 because my character was so weak, she couldn't even train the peasants. The good news is for every 25 Renown, you get an extra man. But it is pretty grindy. I'm at 81 now and have just hired 21 Hired Blades in order to fast track from a position of zero men. The other bad news is my followers have dispersed when I was in prison and I can't find them again, so I lose all their bonuses too..

Only one save? THIS IS MADNESS!
Yes, but I have played this game a long time. It adds a bit of spice to things. The downside is that you have to be extremely careful in combat, as if you're knocked unconscious you generally lose a few men. The thing I miss about mods is the ones that give you 10 men per Leadership point, and your men continue fighting if you are knocked out.

Today I was doing a testrun of the With Fire & Sword expansion. I was skeptical, but the musket-warfare is extremely tense. Being used to all kinds of rapid-fire weapons in your generic modern military shooter, having to reload for a couple of seconds after each shot really came as a shock at first. Each missed shot means that the return fire can mean game over. Standing there for what feels like centuries while the musket gets reloaded, while the axe-murderer I just missed is charging at me... woah... or the glorious feeling of victory, when enemies run into the firing zone of my musketeers, which rain death upon them on my command...
Sounds interesting all right, but I don't have that one. I'd imagine that if you get 30 people with muskets the volleys must be very satisfying!

I have to admit, this game has sucked me back in to a good extent. Now I just need to grab that pesky Vaegir castle again...
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