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Re: Mount & Blade

Hm... weird, where did my posting go?

Short version: got my castle! Got the following achievements:

Queen - As a female character, make your own faction.
Force of Nature - You and your army have killed or wounded 5,000 enemy troops.

Now I'm defending my keep viciously, trying to stay off the radar of the other factions. Keeping my land as it is is difficult enough (sometimes feels overwhelming), I don't need trouble with anyone else quite yet. I put my redeeming knight Firensis in charge of the castle. After some time I came back to my castle, to see Count Clais and his wife standing at my fire. He offered to be my vassal. I accepted and now his wife and daughter are safe in my keep, while one Khergit army after the other is trying to raid my village. I gave Clais (who was soon demoted to Lord) my so far only village as fief and he swore to protect it. Well, don't make promises you can't keep Lord Clais...

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Congrats on the first castle! That's a big achievement.
I usually don't care about steam achievements at all, but in this game I make an exception, since instead of some BS 'achievement' like putting the disc in (Crysis 2) these achievements are insanely difficult to get!

I didn't realise how hard Native was, and I've become frustrated at how grindy it is to a) get enough troop capacity to be a threat
The main problem is indeed getting the troop capacity. I pushed leadership (therefore charisma) as high as possible straight away. Still I struggle with the troop limit at all times.

Bear in mind that I've just lost my castle and all its troops; was playing with one save so I'm back to square one, if you discount my honorary title of Dyeworks King of the northern lands!
Only one save? THIS IS MADNESS!
I am someone who generally just rolls with the game, but in case of M&B I make a rare exception, since it is impossible to play it 'perfect' anyway. The only point of reloading is to try to have an outcome which is not that bad.

(though the temptation is there to see if I can rebuild).
Don't forget there is an achievement if you come back and beat the guy who caused your misery in the first place...

How many men could you command when you took your castle?
My current troop limit is 105. As soon as I had the castle I left everything that's not on horseback behind as garrison. That enabled my resulting fast cavalry unit to grab new recruits and bring them back to the castle ASAP, as well as to attack isolated Khergit armies. And a cavalry force of Swadian Knights, Sword Sisters and Mamlukes etc. eats smaller Khergit armies for breakfast. Now there is also Lord Clais sitting in my castle with some troops. Now the Khergit attacks on my castle pretty much stopped, they just run by to raid my village at every opportunity.

Today I was doing a testrun of the With Fire & Sword expansion. I was skeptical, but the musket-warfare is extremely tense. Being used to all kinds of rapid-fire weapons in your generic modern military shooter, having to reload for a couple of seconds after each shot really came as a shock at first. Each missed shot means that the return fire can mean game over. Standing there for what feels like centuries while the musket gets reloaded, while the axe-murderer I just missed is charging at me... woah... or the glorious feeling of victory, when enemies run into the firing zone of my musketeers, which rain death upon them on my command...

However, some things have changed from Warband to the worse. One is the feeling of being weak compared to the forces that wage all the wars is even worse than in Warband. If you think the grind in Warband native is bad, you're in for a shock with fire & sword. Also the recruiting system feels less transparent to me. On the other hand: upkeep costs are cheaper.
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