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Re: Mount & Blade

I now specifically target bandits and sea raiders who have peasant women as prisoners. After a while they become sword sisters, which are excellent cavalry in plate armor for a quite low weekly upkeep. I now have 6 of them, which makes them one of the largest parts of my cavalry (next to 5 Mamlukes, some Swadian Knights, Khergit Lancers and even one Vaegir Knight). I refrain from recruiting prisoners I took myself. It's bad for morale and I don't feel like I can trust them.

Too bad the wars suddenly just ended. Now I can't use the troop movements of Sarranid and Khergits to my advantage anymore. Well, I guess I get back to trading a bit and doing some tournaments until the next war breaks out. Firensis and Jeremus start complaining when we do to much fighting at once anyway. So better have some change of pace. Also allows me to read some books along the way.

I hope in time for the next war someone wages against the Khergits I'll have enough able troops to take a castle. Jeremus, in his capacity of being the brainbug of our band of mercenaries, learned some engineering (1...). That should be enough for my first siege...
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