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Re: Mount & Blade

I continued to hunt bandits, before I realized that I can open businesses in all the major cities. I started with a brewery in Sargoth, followed by ironworks in Curaw. Currently I look for new locations to open more breweries, or maybe a vineyard? The weekly profits from my enterprise go directly into funding my army, with the goal of my army upkeep being paid by my businesses. I also started with trading, buying cheap silk on one end and selling it with 300%+ profit on the other, returning with ale which also makes 200%+ profit when I return. Adding some furs and oil to the portfolio.

I start to get some decent cavalry. I already have 4 Sarranid Marmelukes, a Sword Sister and a Swadian Knight plus some Men at arms. Those guys are mental! I don't want to know what they do with me if I'd refuse to pay their wages...

I also released some mercenaries from my services now. They proved to be too expensive in the long run and now I have enough elite troops that I'm ok without them. I also encountered the first time infighting between my heroes in the party. Matheld started a fight with Jeremus. Matheld can 'only' fight, while Jeremus is my surgeon and scholar. When it came to decide between them it was not really a decision. Especially since Matheld thinks that her noble birth makes her somewhat more important than the rest of the unit. My ragtag band of mercenaries still consists almost exclusively of commoners taking up arms, no wonder the noblewoman feels a bit out of place. Jeremus also goes along better with the other heroes in my party, especially Firentis, the disgraced knight. The two of them have quite a bromance going on. Firentis is still getting wounded in each major battle (even in some minor ones), so I assume he had ample opportunity to talk to Jeremus in his function of unit surgeon.

I continued to join and win tournaments. They are enjoyable as long as I don't end up in jousting tournaments. I still have huge problems hitting anything with my lance. I also start to get noted by nobles. I ran across two battles already but when I show up I don't have the option to participate. Do I need to ally with a kingdom before I'm allowed to participate? Also interesting is that the noble with whom I have the best relation so far is King Ragnar of the Nords.

But I start to wonder: how do I actually get siege weapons in this game? Do I have to learn engineering all by myself?
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