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Re: Mount & Blade

After the initial problems I spent some time in the desert hunting down bandits, realizing that they are often much faster than my bunch. I also got my first hero, a disgraced knight looking for redemption.

In the first battle he joined he ran straight in front and got himself almost killed. Once he was back on his feet he did it again. And again. He gets beaten to a pulp in every encounter. He takes the redemption-part really seriously...

I also found out that herding cattle from A to B sucks. And that it's not a good idea to just take on every mission like I would in any other RPG. One village elder wanted me to bring him 7 heads of cattle. He failed to mention that a head of cattle is really expensive and that he would pay exactly zero in return.

At various points I wasn't sure how I should pay the wages of my ragtag group of mercenaries. With only 2 days until payday and only half the money I'd need for the wages I stumbled into a city with a tournament running. Reluctant I participated in the tournament, expecting to get my face smashed to pieces by much better knights than me. I realized I can bet on myself winning. Odds of 13 to 1? I put half my money on me winning. I figured if I can't pay the wages anyway, it doesn't matter if I fail by 50 or 75%. I managed the first two rounds without problems, but was getting worried because of the random nature of the weapons I got every round. In the third round I got a crossbow, which was relatively bad news but at least I was in the winning team. Next two rounds I got two handed swords each time and whacked away the opposition. I was getting my hopes up for the final round.

As the final round started I had bow and arrow. My skill for bows is essentially non-existent. My little warrior princess can use a bow more effective if she uses it as a club. The knight facing me charged at me with sword and shield, my arrow missing by about half a mile. I imagined the knight chuckling and laughing, as he continued to charge at me, swinging his sword... I switched to my secondary weapon, which turned out to be a knife. To my own surprise I managed to parry the incoming attack, stabbed the attacker and got some good hits before he could regain his posure. He swang again, again I managed to parry and got some more hits. It's worth mentioning that I'm really good with one-handed weapons. I won my first tournament I went in, earned a lot of money that not only secured the wages for my mercenaries but also allowed me to finally buy new shoes.

I went here and there, chasing down bandits and deserters, freeing villages and hostages, who in turn joined my group. Every time I deal with nobles I kinda expect them to mention I should get back to the kitchen. As one particularly dickish noble was asking me, if my husband knows that I stole his weapon and armor, it was just once too much. I told him in harsh language to mind his manners. He replied that he usually doesnŽt challenge commoners - let alone women - to a duel, but in my case heŽd make an exception. I gladly complied and in the subsequent duel I wiped the floor with him. That was immensely satisfying.

Now I have an enemy, but I got tired of the desert anyway. I just feel like IŽm in an awkward spot with my unit being too large to keep chasing after bandits, but too small to take on bigger challenges...

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Ha ha, it's amazing you haven't given up. I didn't realise that the start of the game was so unhelpful,
I had worse starts to a game. Today for example the ongoing Diablo 3 beta-weekend, which is so utterly boring that I had to force myself to play until level 7, where my wizard is stuck now anyway, because I got thrown out of my singleplayer game because the servers are full.

For example you could have sold that beer, raising funds for mercs, and bought them back later in the game when you were stronger and richer
I could have done what, what and what?

Once you get to grips with the combat and issuing orders in battle, the game really blossoms.
That's one area where I still struggle a bit. Isn't it possible to have the default for my troops to not charge straight away at the enemy but to stand their ground and wait for my orders first?

The funny thing about M&B mods is that they actually improve the game by massive amounts.
Apart from the battle size mod other essentials? I was downloading the diplomacy mod but it warned me that the M&B version I have is too new, so I'm not sure if I should install it.

Be careful accepting mercenary service with Kings or Lords because you can't quit out of that for thirty days, so if they get embroiled in an unwinnable war, your troops will suffer. However if you accept vassalage, then your endeavours may be rewarded with a fief.
I would like to get some land at some point, but currently I don't want to ally myself with either of the houses since the nobles are mostly dicks towards my character. What is the deal with those claimants for the throne? I assume that's something to deal with once I have roughly 500 men and women at arms?
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