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Re: Sports Games

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
A golf game in which you wrestle alligators?
That would be amazing! Take the old Bayou Billy

give him a golfclub and let him loose on golf courses located in jungles and such. Might be finally a game worth buying the PS move for.

btw. anyone complaining about Dark/Demon's Souls being 'too hard' have obviously never tried Bayou Billy and if they for sure never saw more than the first 2 screens of the first level

Konami Soccer looks a bit... slow...

That's an interesting point about the fun factor being lost as we've moved towards more sim-like experiences.
What a sim usually contains is a higher barrier to entry. I guess that has a lot to do with it. Last Fifa I tried was Fifa 11 at a friends house, but I just didn't get into it. I didn't get used to the controls and the game didn't really help me understand what I did wrong. While with Sensible Soccer I could just pick up a joystick with 2 buttons (rather than a dual-analogue gamepad with more buttons than I have fingers) and have immediate, high octane games. Also, Fifa 11 doesn't have ice levels.

You'd think there'd be a gap here for the Indies if they ever got over their obsession with boring platform games.
Amen! I get it that many indies just make the games they want to play themselves and that everyone seems to love to play yet another mario game. But would be really nice if someone would make some fun indie football game. Or how about tennis played with grenades on top of an active vulcano, riding grizzly bears? American football with cars and bikes taken straight from Mad Max as players?

I'd also classify GT5 as a sports game, to be honest, and have spent a good few hours at it. I've pretty much hit a wall with the fourth difficulty tier - I just can't handle the more powerful cars.
Last races I played were GT500 and Nascar. They made me actually sweat, trying to get those ridiculously powerful cars around corners in one piece round after round after round. To relax I drive races with my green Mini.

It's always a good game if you need to keep a spreadsheet for it, I find.
Thus EVE Online is the best game ever?
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