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Re: Sports Games

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
What about you? NHL2K? Football Manager? Blood Bowl?
I played my share of FIFA, NHL and oddly enough tennis games (even though I generally dislike tennis IRL). The most fun I had with sports games was with games that were not exactly simulations of the sport, but simply took an easy to grasp concept of a given sport and didn't care about physics all that much. Hence most of my favourite sports games are from a time when physics in games was generally rubbish. Like Nintendo World Cup:

Obviously the best football game of all time ever. The main reason it's such a brilliant game is that it has been made by some Japanese who apparently didn't really grasp the concept of football. They probably got the games rules explained via telephone from halfway across the world. It has an ice-stage! If Fifa 12 would have an ice stage and no cards I'd buy 2 copies and make sure in every game that Materrazi is the first one to fall.

NES Tennis I played a lot...

...and Sensible Soccer.

The last FIFA I bought was 98, the last NHL must have been around 2000. After that the games got more sim-like and I lost interest. If I want to have a realistic depiction of football I watch a game

Albeit not technically 'sports' games, I always had a soft spot for sim racing (albeit being terrible at it). Which I find weird myself, seeing as I dislike sim-like 'regular' sports but give me a gearbox ratio to tinker with and I'm happy. I love games like GT5 and the first pc game I ever bought was F1GP by Microprose, which I played to death. I spent quite some time to replace all the made up names with the real names for teams and drivers.

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