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Re: Sports Games

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Ah, Everybody's Golf! How is the online part - can you talk to others as you play them? I am now registering a flicker of interest in the Vita.

There are two online modes with Everybody's Golf Vita. There are three daily tournaments that anyone with a copy of the game and online connectivity can enter. There is no interaction with anybody else, except seeing how your score compares to everyone else's at the end of the round, and an overall online leaderboard.

The second are many various tournaments that take place at fifteen minute intervals, that can be accessed from the various lobbies, where you can wander around and talk to others via a (pretty cheap feeling) avatar system. Once the tournament starts, you can talk to the other players you are participating against in between different holes. It's fun, and gives you a higher chance of coming out in first place than just going into the daily tournaments and trying to beat everyone in the world, but it's frustrating having to wait around until you can go to the next hole. Difficult to explain. It's fun, but the ratio of waiting around to actually playing golf (probably 1:1) makes it something I do rarely.

The whole online aspect is still great, and gives you incentive to play every day (I'm currently in the top 12% of Everybody's Golf players), but I do wish the options for direct play against other players was more plentiful.

I wouldn't recommend getting a Vita *just* for EG, as I have. I'd wait for more games to come out, as current release lists for the console look unbelievably bare, but I definitely don't regret my purchase.

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
I really can't recommend Tiger Woods. I'm an older gamer, and am usually fairly laid back about these things, but EA have even managed to piss me off with their downloadable courses.

The other strange thing about golf games is that they really haven't progressed over the years like other sports games. I know they are limited to a narrow stretch of fairway and the green, and adjustments to the mechanics etc, but we're still seeing a flyover, a swing, a putt and some cardboard cutouts clapping. I don't know what they could do - make the course open world so you could go off hunting your ball under some gorse maybe - but it's a lot duller than it should be.
Driving around in a little golf cart? A "Happy Gilmore" game, where you could do cool stuff like beat up your opponents and wrestle alligators? I'd DEFINITELY play that!

The new Tiger Woods sounds interesting, in that it has a new control system using the analogue sticks. indicate it's a huge step forward for golf games, and it makes me want to try it. But still, EA's shitty DLC-selling tactics makes it a definite pass.

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