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Re: The Perspective Corner: Mass Effect 3 and Episode V

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post

I'm sorry Mass Effect 3 has bummed so many people out. Look at it this way, at least you didn't have to ride home in the rain in 1980 and not have anyone to talk to for 20 years about how you didn't like the Empire Strikes Back.

There's that.
Ha ha, nice ending!

Lots of interesting points here, and I hope the conversation doesn't get bogged down in the specifics of ME3's ending - let's keep it general.

While I was playing the game, I obviously kept away from spoilers, though I was aware of the furore about the ending. By the level of heat generated, I assumed that the game wasn't finished, and that bioware had somehow put the real ending into some paid-for dlc. This made sense to me because some of the characters in the series had already been removed for day one dlc, the multiplayer had been added with some paid content etc. And of course nobody had complained about the previous game's incredibly awful ending, where you're attacked by a Terminator made out of human heads, so it couldn't be that type of issue.

So I was actually pleased that people were taking a stand against what I thought might be price-gouging. Then I finished the game and my opinion changed.

I liked the ending - it gave you a fairly hefty (in the context of save the universe sci fi) philosophical choice to make, and it hinted at a deeper subtext in which not all may be as it seems.

People may feel 'betrayed' by the ending (and Rob, at least you had the excuse that you were thirteen), but the world doesn't revolve solely around those people and I'm not happy to have them speaking for me.

The interesting question for me is that developers are happy to listen to fans on gameplay issues, not only bugs, but issues of balance, poor mechanics etc - and sometimes even fix them. Will the story or narrative issues now fall into this category, or will they remain sacrosanct as part of the developers' vision?
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