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Re: Rate This Review: Mass Effect 3 (2nd edition)

Tata, just FYI- you could've re-edited your original review in the thread you already started, so I've moved it.

I'm glad you've worked on a re-edit, but this review is at 2,500+ words.
You have to get it down closer to 1,500 to be critiqued properly. You have to narrow down which things to discuss, because you want to support your opinion that the ending has ruined the franchise, etc. That's your big point, your thesis. Everything should support that. Telling me the background textures are lame doesn't. Scifi-Rpgs always suffer from 'shiny hallway-itis'.. it's just the way they are.

When I say try to support your points- Look for example at your paragraph about the combat.. you say it's worse than the first but better than the second, except it has all the problems of the second, then you talk about all the things you liked about it, without explaining what was better about ME1's combat (and I would like an explanation of that!)---

for the examples you're giving after you say it's buggy and not as good, it sounds like you liked the combat. The point's not clear.

Although describing things and comparing it to other franchises is very good. You've just got to be clearer with where you're going. Stay on the point you're making.


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