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Re: Rate this Review: Mass Effect 3

Originally Posted by Tata View Post
You mean not mentioning the ending at all in the review or I should direct readers to another topic about the ending with a link? It would look really awkward if the LOW would be about the ending and I don't even mention it in the review (I know this is was talked to bloody bits already, but I actually thing the ending was atrocious.)
Since you think the ending, respectively how it was handled, is a lowpoint, you should mention it in your review of course. But be careful to not spoil too much about the game's ending. I saw it countless times that reviewers got so excited (or depressed) about certain plot points that they spoiled the fun (or disappointment ) for their readers.
And what you said about the final point I gave and the positives of the game; I eventually realized you were right. As I said, I forgot a lot of things I wanted to write and I ran through the complete review only once.
You should have a look at this review over at rock, paper, shotgun:
The reviewer there has his share of criticisms and openly declares for example:
"No, I never really did like the way it handled combat, and that has been lit up neon for me here.", but he comes towards "Yes, I did love the characters and cast, and the sci-fi world they were set to inhabit. Yeah, it was a bit generic space soldiery, and a legion of Space Opera others had been here before, but that hardly mattered. When Mass Effect 3 hit the ground running, I found myself unexpectedly caught up in its events. It dragged me along, and I was glad to see it move so fast, and cover so much ground. Itís a big game, and a worthy conclusion."
Which makes clear that ME3 has it's flaws, but also that it has plenty going for it. (btw. RPS is one of the few websites which does not rate games with numbers, so don't search for it )

Now I learned I should wait minimum one day with the actual posting, as I really left out a lot of positives (like the weapon mods, some boss fights, etc.), so I should have given it a better point (6,5 or 7 maybe).
In the end it doesn't matter what number you put under the text, as long as it fits what you wrote. And what you wrote should sound fair towards the game in question.

One final note: ME3 is the end of a trilogy of rather massive games. While you mention briefly ME1 and 2, you never really write what the main differences are between the games. I don't mean necessarily game mechanics (ME1 is clearly more old-fashioned 'classical' rpg-ish while ME2 and 3 are more guns & conversations games) but also the mood and atmosphere the games have. I found the atmosphere of all 3 games to be quite different. As I wrote in another thread, I found ME1 to be about a wonderous journey in new and unexpected lands. ME2 on the other hand was a game about ressource collecting. Collecting a crew and funky materials in a tedious minigame. ME3 is all about war. Everything you do is connected with shooting at reapers and the normandy feels more like a submerged submarine than a spaceship venturing between the stars.
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