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Re: Rate this Review: Mass Effect 3

Thanks for the reply. It actually gave me insight into my flaws.
if you make references to other games, make sure that also someone who didn't play those games understands what you mean
That's what I was really afraid to do. I thought if i had done that, half the review would be about other games and not ME3, making the review way too disjointed from ME3 or being more like a longer essay. Now that you mentioned it, I wouldn't have any idea of what I just said if I hadn't played any of these games.
if you want to talk about the end in detail, how about writing a specific article about the end? You don't have to write a review to write about a game topic.
You mean not mentioning the ending at all in the review or I should direct readers to another topic about the ending with a link? It would look really awkward if the LOW would be about the ending and I don't even mention it in the review (I know this is was talked to bloody bits already, but I actually thing the ending was atrocious.)
And what you said about the final point I gave and the positives of the game; I eventually realized you were right. As I said, I forgot a lot of things I wanted to write and I ran through the complete review only once. Now I learned I should wait minimum one day with the actual posting, as I really left out a lot of positives (like the weapon mods, some boss fights, etc.), so I should have given it a better point (6,5 or 7 maybe).
Also, I finished Planescape: Torment this January and I'm also playing Fallout 1 right now. These are classic RPGs, and I think they affected my judgment way more than they should have.
I'll definitely give a new run to the ME3 review, paying more attention to the points you mentioned.
Thanks again.
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