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Re: Rate this Review: Mass Effect 3

Originally Posted by Tata View Post
Note that this is my first time writing a review like this (I've only made some at metacritic myself) and it's much harder when you're at it, like you forget a lot of things and so on.
You might have noticed by this point: this isn't metacritic

Some general remarks then:
* find a unique angle that sets your review apart - especially if there's a review on the site already, there should be something unique to your standpoint that makes it worthwhile to put it next to the main review
* don't impose your playstyle on readers
* don't presume anything about your readers playstyles or preferences, thus:
* if you make references to other games, make sure that also someone who didn't play those games understands what you mean, e.g. your reference to the Witcher, Deus Ex or Dragon Age 2 - I played all those games but if I wouldn't I'd have no idea what you're talking about. Especially since you talk about the ending of Deus Ex, which even people who might have played it didn't necessarily see.
* don't just go through a laundry list of items
* avoid spoilers - the part about the ending being ripped from deus ex is quite suggestive - if you want to talk about the end in detail, how about writing a specific article about the end? You don't have to write a review to write about a game topic.

No. I simply like challenges, and when I play on the hardest difficulty, I want that game to challenge me.
See above. Don't impose what YOU expect from a game onto your readers. YOU might be looking for a challenge, but many might not look for a challenge but for an engaging narrative or just for a pretty screensaver. The reasons of your readers to play might be completely different from yours, which you need to consider. For example, if you found the game to easy on high difficulties you can write that the game does not offer a challenge on higher difficulties, which some people might be looking for.

What I mean by that is when the Reapers interrupt and attack. It's next to pointless, because if you die, you'll start within the same system, and if you're not an idiot with -3 IQ, you'll memorize the places, and the auto-save was not the only problem with this.
So why don't you write that then? You let your readers guessing, which is not a good thing. I went through the entire game without being caught once by the reapers, hence I didn't know that. You don't write a review for people who already know what you know, but for people who know absolutely zero about the game in question.

Remember when you finish one of the Chantry quest and you speak with Anders? There's basically 2 heart and a broken heart conversation option with a male Hawke. That sounds very forced to me.
No, I actually donīt know that. But then, I played a female Hawke. And I still broke his heart since only the saucy pirate could satisfy my needs. ARRR!
Hence again: don't presume that your readers know everything you know.

Maybe yes, maybe not. What I thought when I wrote that is that line can be easily misunderstood and can make me look like a psycho. That's the reason for that.
No, thats not a maybe. There's no reason to write a disclaimer. I - and every sane reader - will usually assume that you are NOT homophobic, a psychopath or something similar. Not knowing you we'd generally assume a neutral stance towards you. The only reason why this might change is if you'd write something homophobic. Thus the easy solution is: don't write anything homophobic.
It's not the cutscenes that reduce that, but the inability to skip them.
But that's not what you wrote
Besides, all true cutscenes are skippable. Only cutscenes that cover loading times can't be skipped. The alternative would be staring at loadings screens, would that be better? I take a cutscene over the massive amounts of loading screens in ME2 any day.
There was a time when I reloaded a part and I couldn't skip the cutscene, so I basically had a 5 minute break.
What part?
As I said, maybe, and I also said I'd take that back should I be wrong.
It's still an assumption without much supporting evidence.
What I think is that you missed the positive points of my review.
I have to admit parts where you are positive about the game are pretty tough to find among all the negativity

Nevertheless, thanks for the feedback. Now I know what I have to change in my writing style.
No problem. Just rewrite it and upload again and I'll have another look at it. Nobody ever claimed writing a review is easy, especially a good review takes a lot of practice. Hence: keep on writing!
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