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Re: Rate this Review: Mass Effect 3

That doesn't sound like a review, but like a rant. I don't think you're fair to Mass Effect 3 and are fairly biased against it.

I played on the PC myself and didn't encounter the problems you describe. I only got stuck once (during multiplayer) and had no problems with performance or lag or any of that. Maybe your PC needs an upgrade? Opposed to what you claim I've been having no problems at all when using a sniper rifle.

Originally Posted by Tata View Post
The combat and gameplay; Before I say anything about this, know that I hated the combat in Mass Effect 2, as it was often too easy and reeked of bugs.
If you hated the combat in ME2, why did you bother playing ME3? Why didn't you go for the narrative mode? Oh yes: you hate the cutscenes... so, why did you play ME3 in the first place?

I don't think you should review a game if you hate it, even if you're an experienced reviewer thatīs a fine line to walk and judging by your review you donīt manage.

It's more like the Witcher 2 with the rolling and finishing moves, which is a great thing, if only a bit too easy even on Insanity.
You don't review for the tiny elite who generally laughs at everyone who plays games at 'normal'. Your review should be for everyone. I played it on normal and didn't find it all that hard but also not all that easy. Just... normal. This sentence makes you sound to me like an elitist who shakes his head when he thinks about such 'peasants' like me who prefer playing games on normal difficulty.

The new probing isn't as mind-numbingly boring as it was with the one in Mass Effect 2. What the problem is with the probing is it has a completely unnecessary extra, which is made pointless by the auto-saves.
Can you elaborate that? I have honestly no idea what you mean.

The same-sex romances have put quite a controversy, but luckily, it isn't the forced mess that it was in Dragon Age II, but there is a problem with it, which is again true for the whole game;
I don't know what you're talking about. I played both ME3 and DA2 and in neither game I felt some sexual preference would have been forced on me.
Note that I am not homophobic and I don't have any problem with homosexuality, [...]
Funny. Have you ever realized how many racists justify their racism by saying stuff like "but I have black friends" or start sentences by "I'm not racist, but...", which is usually followed by a racist remark. What do you think a start to a sentence like this suggests? If you're no homophobe then there's no need to say that.

This further dampens the replay value that is already not that high because of the cutscenes.
I don't understand how cutscenes reduce replay value.

There are theories, but they are made up by people who want to make sense from this nonsense. It's unlikely BioWare came up with those in the first place (if it turns out otherwise, I take it back).
That's not how it works. You can't just put a claim like this in a review. Maybe if you're Fox News, but anyone with journalistic integrity wouldn't.

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