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Re: Mass Effect 3 Ending SPOILER Discussion

Angry Joe also made a video, refering to the one you posted:

I agree with what's called indoctrination theory (which was put forward by reasonably sounding folks and not the angry internet mob, thus has much less publicity). As I pointed out in the other ME3 thread, I thought right away that the whole sequence on the citadel was a hallucination (respectively reaper indoctrination). TIM and Anderson are manifestations of reaper control (TIM) and Shepards will to resist (Anderson). The child simply lies to you and contradicts too much we heard during the course of all 3 games. Being the lovely Renegade I've been throughout all 3 games I was of course going for the destroy ending.

Originally Posted by Havblue
For me it's like the ending of BSG or Brazil: the reality of your situation is grim but there's beauty in accepting defeat and giving up on the hope of a brighter future.
I had the same feeling, immediately thought about the end of BSG once I was through. A lot of fans seem to be up in arms because it actually is an ending. The Mass Effect Universe we travelled through in these 3 games will not be the same again. I actually like having an end of a story for a change.
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