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Re: Podcast suggestion : How games incorporate reviews feedback

Well, its taken some time, many years in fact, but on great example of how games do and don't incorporate user feedback is with the Resident Evil series. Players and reviewers have been riding Capcom for not allowing players to move while shooting, and with good reason, as this makes the games feel clunky and is often frustrating. Also, with the recent releases of the fourth and fifth games in the series, gamers, myself included, have been confused and upset over the transition from zombies to parasitic villagers.

Recently, Game Informer (yes i read it, dont judge me, its free) came out with an article about the sixth game in the Resident Evil series. Two things struck me when i scanned this article. The first, Capcom has finally changed their archaic ways and will be allowing characters to move while shooting. The second thing i discovered, much to my displeasure, was that the parasitic replacement to the zombies in the series has once again reared its ugly head.

I dont know for certain that Capcom has taken fan feedback into account, and changed things that desperately needed to be changed, or whether they finally decided for themselves that it was time to move into the current way of doing things. As for the parasites as a replacement to the zombie enemies we all know and love from the original games, we can only assume that Capcom has more to reveal in the upcoming Resident Evil 6 game.
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