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Re: Why I hate Mass Effect 3's Ending

Thanks for commenting!

But to address the issues you brought up, one thing I won't do is tighten up my points. I stated that this would be a long article, and I meant it. It's not like other quick pieces; this is more personal, without being fanboy-biased. I'll tell you one thing, if the ending wasn't so bad the article wouldn't be so long. And I still missed a few points. I can, however, make it a two-parter while also editing my formet, so thanks for bringing that to my attention.

As for the second... well, I give a spolier alert, so that takes care of that. Is there an editor here who has played it?

Why are people giving the ending a hard time? Well, why do people give bad movies like "The Room" a hard time? Because those movies suck, and this ending sucks. It's not like I want to nit-pick, the endings are incompetent and lazy, and not a measure of what BioWare is capable of. And I do not agree with you on how it was written. Sure, at times, it felt hodge podge and cliched, but the fact of the matter is, your character had a lot of say in how things played out. That created a unique connection between Shepard and player, giving weight to decisions not felt in games like Halo. So during a bad stretch of writing, the connection to the character uplifted the negative, but never made me blind to the faults. Yes, it could be hit and miss, but I was thoroughly impressed with how they weaved so many points together.

For the last point, no. Even if the game were bad, this would still be a terrible ending. Even if the writing was always trite, this is a lazy hash-up. Triple-A has nothing to do with it. If ME wasn't triple A, I'd still expect a more cohesive ending.

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