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Re: New People, Please Introduce Yourselves

Originally Posted by Suzia View Post
Hello all,

My Name is Suzi, and I have an addiction for dragons.. games, pics, movies.. you name it..

Loved Moria (my introduction to dungeons and dragons games way back in my student years) even though now it would probably not rate with today's techies.. for me it was great.. my imagination had to recreate the X's and Z's etc.. into the fierce Ancient Dragons, or the evil iggy - which used to pee on your leg and steal from your backpack. I have a vivid imagination and used to make them fierce indeed!!

Have played other games, but the ones like this are my favourite. Currently playing the FATE series 1 - 4. However, at present I have come a cropper in 2 as I can't go anywhere.. if anyone else plays this game could they maybe help without cheating?

Am at level 14 at the forest, go down to level 15 and I am stuck in a pit! No way out except up back to level 14! Never seen that except in Moria, but then you could smash your way out with bashing spells... not so in this game...

I can't go any further with the ice caves either as they say that I get a feeling of dread and won't go down.. grrrrrrrrrr

Anyway, help would be appreciated.

Suggestion to moderators... maybe you could reverse the posts? It is a bit disconcerting to read posts that are from 2009 or earlier first.. surely should be latest first so that you can get to know those who are currently using system? Sorry... just a suggestion..

Hi Suzi- this setting can be changed in your options panel. Posts shown oldest to newest, etc. Should be tic box for it.

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