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Re: Why I hate Mass Effect 3's Ending

without going too deep, problems here would be length- you're at almost 4,000 words. I think most articles on the site come down about 1,500 to 2,000 and then are broken up into parts if they're approved. So either re-edit for length and tighten up your points or submit it as a multi-part where you address different topics in each piece.

But, the larger, more obvious issue is that alot of people are still playing or haven't started or finished the title yet. I haven't played it yet, so I don't want to read your article, yet.

That's a problem, too. Makes editing and critiquing difficult.

It does, however bring to light a question that's been bugging me about this game and this series.. why is everyone scoring the ending so hard, rather than the gameplay- the journey?

That is to say, Mass Effect has, to me, always had this sortof episodic, whimsical and THROWN TOGETHER feel to it. I never had the feeling at any point, that there was a master storyteller with some surprises for me, some DEEPER plotting going on beyond the surface of things.

Am I alone in that?

Playing it with that in mind, I found ME2 to be a competent adventure title. At no point have I expected the game designers to suddenly become great writers and produce some complex literary experience that changes my impression of the gameplay. That is, a story to prop up duck and cover gunplay and a pretty generic levelling system.

So, is it a well-written enough ending for the game that it IS? Or is the usual problem of triple A presentation throwing our expectations off?
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