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Re: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Tips Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy G

i have a good strategy for temari (need to be good). yes she does spam but her u1 n uj can really catch ppl offguard. use garra (basically you want a good def.) n a force field bukagun thingy (i use pain as balance). start off spamming only once then 1. if opponent is close use pain or 2. use garra.
keeping ur chakra level high use uj not u1. basically with temari u should mixed it up, avoids prolonged close combat.
her awakening have the best throwing winds i ever seen. in two hits ur opponent guard will break and it he/she get close then simply fight.

tobi is another under-used character. assist: susake (taka) and itchica (TEAM UCHICA lol). tobi have what i like to call a prolonged u1. trick is to leave the bombs around ur opponent. also he have 2 throwing bombs in weapons slot: think lightning firestrom bomb squad.
take out that crazy nine tail overpowered spamming and the susano and "Madara" is the best character in the game, speed unmatched only by minato, this guy will definitely "show you the truth" (only if you can deal more than 1/4 damage with tobi.
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