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Re: Rate this Review - Syndicate

I haven't played Syndicate (the shooty one), only Syndicate (the tactical one), but I think it's worth mentioning somewhere that these two have nothing in common but the name. If Starbreeze would have developed this game with a different name it might have been judged more favorably I think. As it is Syndicate (the shooter) carries a crippling bag of rocks on his back, since most people only see the wasted potential and not what they made of it.

As for this review I like it overall and it confirms my assumption that I can save the time and money I'd spend on Syndicate (the shooter) by just launching Deus Ex again. Some things:
* try not to use 'you' in a review.
* I don't know what you mean with the 'throw the kitchen sink at him school of game design'.
* I also don't fully understand your last sentence, do you mean that Syndicate's (the shooter) style lets one forget it's shortcomings or that it fails in spectacular fashion?
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