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Re: Mass Effect 3

The single player part of the demo, with the truncated intro and the lack of it being YOUR Shepard, felt kinda haphazard and skippable.

The multiplayer part of the demo, on the other hand, is an absolute blast. Every concern I had about a Mass Effect co-op Horde Mode was shattered and scattered to the winds. I've put hours into the MP demo. It's like a far more mobile Gears of War Horde mode, with far more teamwork. Powers combine for bitching and sometimes unexpected effects, different races inside the same class tree play wildly differently (don't play a Krogan soldier like you would the human, don't play the human Vanguard like the Drell, etc etc), and the enemies are ruthless and plentiful enough to keep everything interesting.

There's significant meat to the multiplayer, which is a joyful surprise.
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