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Arrow Re: Very Balanced Review Site... But

The thing to remember is that the number itself has no meaning. There is no agreed upon absolute number scale that defines what games are... and it's unfair that this particular form of entertainment is subject to such a narrow form of identification. Can you imagine a college class where you would rate famous poems with number scores? Or songs?

You could see it happening with film tho... number scores for films, and I think the reason why is that the industry itself has to announce how much money a film made, and they also announce how much money a game made, too. This trend reflects a lack of interested news writing about the industries, and a celebration of profit, that speaks to our culture in ways I'm not going to get into here. So there is a vox populi thing happening. Well it made a lot of money, it should have a high score, is the unspoken reasoning. The public has spoken. By that reasoning, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen should have replaced Citizen Kane as the greatest American movie of all time, because more people went to see it when it opened. It's all a numbers game that the industry wants to throw over your head so you buy their stuff and don't ask questions. And it's become so pervasive that the people who buy are now defending the system that tells them what to buy, like Morpheus explained to Neo...

The antithesis of criticism is wanting everything to be the same and uniform. But opinion is not something that can be regulated, and especially on a site that's on a volunteer basis like none of these writers get PAID for their reviews, here. They write them because they love games and don't mind sacrificing their time and effort to support a site that's ABOUT speaking it's mind, and not focusing on the numbers and the money. It's about art.

(sorry, passion!)
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