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This may sound dumb, but can someone tell me what the silver / gold keys actually do?
Qween of fun here! So to get gold keys you have to get lots of these stars. you get them by doing things likego through all the flags in the water in the marine resort or making huge jumps. you get silver keys by finishing activites and on the menu of the activtes in the corner you will see a little key. click on it and it will say what you have to do to get a silver key for that. then go to your villa and go up to the person with the house above her head. Shes near the guy that looks like a dog. when you have clicked on her there will be a butten with a lock. click on it and it will show locks for gold and silver keys. Lets say you want to unlock a box for a silver key, click on it and you will get a prize for your villa!
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