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Hey guys! I just realized that I'm slowly running out of info and stuff to tell you. OMG! One day, there might not be "more to come"! Fear not, I have a solution! I know a lot about the game, and as I'm typing this, I tend to forget what I know. If you guys have ANY questions, whether it's about treasure or great performances, I can answer them. Just be sure to direct your question to my username "More To Come" in your post, so I know you want me to answer. 90% of the time I will know the answers. ( I'll be honest, I don't know everything ) So please, ask me anything. Let the "more to come" live! LOL! When you ask me those questions, there will be more to come!
if you dont know what to do anymore go to the city resort and find the big blue building. then skate or walk up the building,and you will see a grinder. try walking across it all the way to the next building without falling! have fun!
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