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Re: Go Vacation Tips Achievements FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

since I've told you about treasure and GPs, i thought i'd tell you about other cool things in the game. ( note: some of these things require you to have finished the stamp dash ):
Snow Resort
warp to 5, either on board or skiis. go through all the flag posts on your way down the hill. if you do, then you'll see what happens. STAR!
Marine Resort
similar to snow resort, warp to the number closest to the top left hand side of the map ( sorry i dont remember what number it is ). its near the "U" shaped rock. there are flag posts in the water. go through them on your marine bike to get an orange star!
side note: for both of these, if you miss one, you have to warp again before you can try again. if you dont warp and just turn around and go from the beginning, it wont work. warping i guess "resets" the challenge.
City Resort
for those of you who dont already know, i am OBSESSED with this resort. well, now you know. which is why I loved getting this star in particular. all you grinders out there, listen up! go to the top left hand corner of the map ( otherwise known as Giant Heel's Street ) and go to the grind master activity. no, we aren't grinding in the activity, but if you turn around you will see a ramp leading to the longest grinds EVER! try to keep your balance as you jump from grind to grind, pulling off tricks like theres no tomorrow! what purpose does this serve? A) if you grind it all the way, you will definitely get a 300+ point combo, which gets you a star and B) its wicked fun!
Mountain Resort
warp to the peak on your kayak. your goal is to kayak from the peak to the base in under 5 minutes ( it might be a different time, but you get the idea ). another thing you can do on your kayak at the peak, is find the big waterfall, and jump off of it. "Jumped Off A Cliff" done!
this was just some fun stuff to do! AAAAAND more to come!
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